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Types of Dementia

There are many conditions which cause dementia. Different types of dementia can lead to different experiences and problems for the person with dementia and their loved ones. Not every person will experience all the symptoms and the problems linked to their type of dementia. Some people experience a mix of two types of dementia. Alzheimer’s disease Alzheimer’s disease [...]

Respite Care

A Physical and Emotional Oasis for CaregiversRespite Care Offers Relief and RenewalCaregiving can be a highly demanding and stressful responsibility, and no one is equipped to do it without some help. Just like the loved ones they care for, caregivers also need support and attention to maintain their own health and well-being. Respite care, which provides caregivers with the [...]

Deerpark House News

We continue to enjoy the beautiful weather in the gardens here at Deerpark House. Preparations are well under way for our Alzheimer’s Day Tea Party .  Gentle reminder of the date Thursday 4th May 1100hrs, please join us if you in the area. If not in our area, pleasefind a Tea Party in your area and support this very [...]

Easter Eats

We are baking Hot Cross buns on Monday the 10th of April. Residents will decorate them in their own way. On Thursday the 13th of April, our Residents will make their own Chocolate Bunny mold's for Easter.