I still have a full deck; I just shuffle slower now.
— Author Unknown

Activity Types & Descriptions

At Deerpark House we maintain an extensive daily activities programme which is coordinated by our qualified and experienced activities team. 

 Each residents input helps us cater to their own specific needs and interests. Our residents own personal experiences and enjoyment is testimonial to our extensive programme which we develop and reinvigorate continuously . Please read on for more information on what we have available in Deerpark House. Also, check out our WEEKLY activity timetable and an example of our CHRISTMAS activity month.


Sonas Therapy                        

Sonas group sessions

Sonas one to one sessions (music & individual session just touch)

SIMS (Sonas Individual Multi-Sensory Session) tapping into all five senses

Pet Corner

Fish tank                                                                               

Birds (two budgies)                                                            

Outside bird tables                                                              

Bird watching                                                                        

Visiting – dogs                                                                      

Animals from outside visit e.g. Rabbits, mice & guinea pigs

Arts & Crafts Group

Seasonal Arts & Craft work


Jewellery Making

Flower Arranging

Cookie Making

Pancakes in the Lounge

Creative Writing

Men’s group (Reminiscing/Story Time)

Touch Sessions

Hand Massage            

Nail care


Head massage


Group Sessions

Tom Weld holds different sessions,  for instance “spring” and what it means to members of the group. 

Writing groups.

Transition year pupil’s One to One computer interaction with 5 residents for 6 sessions – ongoing.

GAISCE pupils on going through the school year where students interact with resident’s e.g. card playing, walking, board games, storytelling etc/.

Board Games


Snakes & Ladders



Let’s Talk Cards (to get people talking)                                                       

Physical Games

Pop up Gym

Movement to Music




Walking projects (With certificate on completion)

Bean bag & ball throw

One-on-One Sessions

Life Story

Helping Residents to achieve personal Goals e.g. Published own novel

Writing a letter

reading to a Resident

playing cards

Walking inside/outside

Sharing a cuppa

Newspaper Headlines

A chat


Trip to the woods

Visit to Christmas fete (local event)

Visit to local church as a group

Trip to Gougane Bara

Trip out for Coffee & Scones

Events In House

Alzheimer’s Tea day event

Fun events e.g. Halloween party, Fancy Dress, Christmas Party

Grandparent’s day, school visits, seasonal celebrations of many kinds

Bealtaine celebrations

Reading Mornings e.g. people/residents read for a group

Music Evenings/Mornings

Talks on topics e.g. ‘Bantry Long Ago’ ; ‘the train in Bantry’   ; “Bantry House Slide Show”

Films & DVDs from our library & from Cork Co Council Library

Age Action i.e. knit Project

Spiritual Events

Weekly mass/ Service monthly

Blessing of the sick & confessions

Rosary Daily

Lenten awareness i.e. daily readings

Community Involvement

Schools ~ visits and fun events with secondary and national schools including Drama, fashion show, cookie making, mask making at Halloween, Window painting, one to one school project with the Resident and the student on “time past”.

I,C.A. ~ Music, sing along, crafts, seasonal events ( Christmas, Easter, Summer etc.)

B.A.R.A.(Bantry Active Retirement Ass)  ~ Flower arranging and tea/coffee mornings 

Fundraising ~ Tea/Coffee mornings, Bring & Buy, Cake sale etc  in aid of Alzheimers Ass.,  Cancer Connect.,  Guide Dogs Ass., Philippines Disaster, GOAL, Trocaire, Co Action and many more.

Garden Projects

Seasonal ~ Sunflower project or Winter – Hyacinths planting project

Garden patch ongoing/tubs & pots


We have entered into a memorandum of Agreement with SAGE Advocacy services, for our Residents.  This service is freely available to everyone.

We also have a Resident Council/ Committee. We hold Resident Forum Meetings Monthly.