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They’re not gray hairs. They’re wisdom highlights.
— ~Author Unknown

Number of beds: 50
Single Rooms with bathroom en-suite: 42
Double Rooms with bathroom en-suite: 4

  • Your room temperature can be controlled by you:
  • You can personalise your own space with furniture and furnishings
  • Your bedtime is up to you
  • Couples can be accommodated together:
  • Your spouse can stay overnight if required:
  • Your room has a lockable door:
  • Your room has an emergency call system:

Management Policy

  • A welcome programme to help new residents to adjust:
  • Residents are given a copy of the nursing home's Statement of Purpose:
  • Resident belongings and property are covered by nursing homes insurance:
  • Personal laundry service available:
  • A quiet room available an alternative to television room:
  • Easy access to local amenities:
  • Access to Daily Newspaper/Weekly Magazine:
  • There is an established and active independent resident council:
  • There is complaints procedure for residence if required:

Privacy, Security & Safety

  • Residents have access to and can manage personal finances:
  • Residents have a private secure place to keep personal belongings:
  • Staff knock before entering resident's rooms:


  • Room / area for private visit:
  • Children are allowed visit:
  • Easily accessible by public transport:
  • Designated Visitor Parking:
  • Visiting by pets allowed:


  • Flexible mealtimes:
  • Menu choice available:
  • Meals can be taken in residents own room on request:
  • Specific diets catered for:
  • Visitors are allowed to dine with relatives: 


As well as English and Irish our staff can understand and speak the following languages.

  • German,
  • French,
  • Spanish,
  • Indian and 
  • Filipino


  • Deerpark House Religious ethos is Multi-denominational
  • Religious services are held weekly:
  • There is an oratory in the nursing home:
  • Community prayer meetings are held regularly:


Medical Services:

  • Designated Visiting Doctor:
  • Resident have access to Own Doctor:
  • Registered nurse on duty 24 hours a day:
  • Individual Contracts of Care are developed:
  • Care Plans are reviewed every three months with residents:
  • Flu Vaccinations Available:

Additional Services:

Services provided by GMS or privately at an additional cost to residents

Occupational Therapist:

Leisure Time

  • Has a safe and easily accessible outside garden for residents use:
  • Has easy access for wheelchairs and walking frames:
  • Has an activities programme that allows for regular excursions:
  • Residents have access a library facility:
  • Hairdresser or Barber that visits at least monthly:
  • Pampering room available:


  • Music & Dance:
  • Arts and Crafts:
  • Other leisure services:
  • The activities co-ordinator continues to develop our "Life Program " in line with current affairs. There is ongoing integration of life between Deerpark House and the community at large. Our Activities personnel are trained in OPID, Sonas, Reminiscence Therapy and Advocacay.
  • Community Meetings:
  • Daily Exercise Programme:
  • Evening Entertainment:
  • Pet therapy:

Quality Programmes

  • Activity Coordinator
  • Advocacy Service
  • 'Essence of Care' programme
  • 'Ten Steps to Healthy Ageing' programme
  • Reminiscence Therapy
  • Sonas